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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the National Health Insurance! Premier Su Tseng-chang and Minister Shih-chung Chen were together, marking over 5 million logins to My Health Bank and the launch of new features!

  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Health Insurance and to mark the milestone of 5 million logins to My Health Bank, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) held the "NHI 25: Cherish National Health Insurance, Our National Treasure" event at the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University today (14th). With Premier Su Tseng-chang of the Executive Yuan, Minister Chen Shih-chung of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Director General Lee Po-Chang of the NHIA, and citizens just reaching the age of 25 attending the event, nearly a hundred stood together to form the shape of the “Little Green Man”, in the logo of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance to celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary! A prize draw was conducted on the same day choosing 500 lucky winners from among users of the 1.68 million logins and 5 million logins to My Health Bank. Citizens were also encouraged to use their My Health Bank to manage their own health and cherish  health care resources shared by all.

  This year marks the 25th anniversary of the National Health Insurance program, while logins to My Health Bank also exceeded 5 million on September 8 this year! The biggest driving force behind this achievement is Premier Su Tseng-chang of the Executive Yuan, who in response to the need for pandemic prevention, pushed for online purchase of face masks using the name-based mask distribution system 2.0. Premier Su posted on Facebook informing public who are unable to purchase face masks online to bring their relevant identity documents and mobile phones to the nearest NHIA branch office, and to seek the assistance of dedicated personnel who will help with binding their mobile phones to the NHI Express mobile APP so they can pre-order masks through “My Health Bank”. As soon as Premier Su posted this information, the number of My Health Bank logins exploded.

  Premier Su Tseng-chang stated that with COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the world this year, Taiwan's achievements in fighting the pandemic have been recognized internationally. The name-based mask distribution system allows Taiwanese citizens to easily purchase masks, even offering online pre-orders and convenience store pick-ups. Thanks to the full support of the NHIA’s information system, everyone can buy masks without standing in long queues. Minister Shih-chung Chen also said that since the National Health Insurance was launched on March 1, 1995, it has been able to grow and develop at a steady pace despite the many challenges encountered along the way. Today, National Health Insurance is not only a cornerstone of social stability in Taiwan, it has also become what other countries seek to learn from Taiwan. In this light, he hopes that all citizens can cherish our health insurance and ensure its sustainability.

  Director General Po-Chang Lee pointed out that since the implementation of 2nd-generation NHI in 2013, the universal coverage rate has reached 99.84% to date with more than 23.9 million people placed under coverage. The contract rate of NHI-affiliated healthcare facilities is nearly 93%, and in 2019, the satisfaction rate for NHI services reached 89.7%. Thanks to fellow citizens and medical providers for their support of the NHI over the past 25 years, the National Health Insurance Administration will remain committed to protecting the health rights of Taiwan’s entire community and become the best health partner for citizens and their families.

  Director General Po-Chang Lee said that over the past four years or so, the functions of My Health Bank have undergone continuous improvements. In addition to allowing the public to grasp their medical conditions, medications and examination (health check) information, they can also understand the health information of elders and children through family management, thereby effectively caring for their loved ones. In addition, the functions newly launched in August now offer review of medical history. Citizens can check the number of medical treatments they receive each year as well as the number of health insurance points used each year and copayment amounts, and they can view their medical treatment history according to custom filter conditions, thereby better understanding their personal health insurance usage.

  • Date:2020-09-14