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The NHI My Health Bank App was 2020's Most Downloaded App from the Apple App Store

  On December 2, 2020, Apple Inc. announced the most downloaded apps in Taiwan in 2020 from the Apple Store, and among all, the “National Health Insurance Express: My Health Bank” app came in at number one overall. Furthermore, this app was also the most-downloaded app for the year in the medical category of the Google Play Store. My Health Bank was downloaded 3.08 million times from the Apple Store, and 4.18 million times from the Google Play Store, accounting for a total of over 7.3 million downloads.

  The NHIA stated that the NHI Express app offers a variety of functions, such as providing an interface for ordering face masks. In particular, the My Health Bank allows users to look up their own health information, which helps people maintain full control over their personal health. In July 2020, the NHIA upgraded the NHI Express app to include a browse of medical care received as well as medical visit history, covering each user's medical visits, copayments made, and NHI expense claimed over the last three years. It is hoped that the citizens of Taiwan will treasure the NHI's healthcare resources, so that the NHI will be able to continue sustainably, thereby protecting the health of the people of Taiwan.

  • Date:2020-12-11