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Township Administrative offices provide considerate NHI services

  Administrative offices of villages, townships, cities, and districts serve as close companions of the citizens and important partners of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA), since they serve as group insurance applicants of category-6 insured. Since 2015, the Kaohsiung-Pingtung Division of the NHIA has conducted evaluations of NHI services provided by 77 administrative offices within its jurisdiction in order to improve service quality. Evaluation categories include NHI card replacement/reissue, installment payment plans, and money transfer; services for the needy such as subsidy collection for foreign spouses, relief loans, notification services for the disadvantaged; and promotion of online and mobile services such as Mobile Counter and My Health Bank of the NHI express Mobile App. Administrative offices work with the NHIA to provide citizens with convenient services and foster the spirit of mutual assistance.

  The Kaohsiung-Pingtung Division of the NHIA held the 2020 Workshop on Services of Administrative Offices and Award Ceremony today (16th) to express its appreciation for the administrative offices that have proactively engaged in and promoted NHI policies and services. Offices with excellent performance were awarded at the workshop. Among them, Kaohsiung City's Lingya District Office has been awarded for 6 years in a row. This office has made remarkable achievements in terms of citizen services and is highly recognized for its service allowing applicants to have their photo taken to apply for NHI cards. Pingtung County's Chaozhou Township Office has phenomenal performance in producing and issuing NHI cards on-site. The amount of cards issued by the office accounted for 56% of the total new cards issued this year, which meant that many citizens were able to receive their new cards quickly. In the category of vulnerable citizens who have received premium subsidies and been referred to public interest groups, the top three administrative offices by the numbers are Pingtung County's Checheng Township Office and Kanding Township Office, and Kaohsiung City's Liouguei District Office, respectively. In terms of overall performance, Kaohsiung City's Luzhu District Office tops the rank this year.


  • Date:2020-10-16