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A double award winner—the NHIA received the Taiwan and Asia-Pacific Special Award For Resiliency in the 2020 IDC DX Awards

  The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare represented Taiwan to take part in the 4th IDC DX Awards 2020 today (22nd) with its project entitled “ Elevating the Network of MediCloud System and Best practice of using the advanced Technology in combating COVID-19. " With this project, the administration took home the Asia-Pacific Special Award For Resiliency and became the winner of the grand regional award in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, the NHIA won the Taiwan Special Award For Resiliency in September. Winning the country and regional awards provides solid proof that the international community recognizes NHIA's successful COVID-19 prevention strategies and contributions to ensuring  people’s health.

  During the pandemic, the NHIA demonstrated its organizational resilience, optimized the functions of the NHI MediCloud System, and developed a real-time alarm system for travel history, occupation, contact history, and cluster history (TOCC) tracking under the instructions given by the former Vice Premier Chi-Mai Chen and the commander of Central Epidemic Command Center, Shih-Chung Chen. Moreover, the NHIA dealt with the threat and impact of the pandemic through the applications of digital technology and successfully contained the spread of the virus with early preparedness. Taiwan's achievement in fighting against the pandemic has been recognized by the international community, making Taiwan a global role model.


General manager of IDC Taiwan Helen Chiang took a photo with NHIA Director-General Po-Chang Lee

  • Date:2020-10-22